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Originally Posted by Daniel55645 View Post
i have tried adjusting the curtains with less and more sunlight and it isnt me. i cant do the moves faster, i have to wait until they tell me to do them, and no matter which way i move it says im doing the same move over and over. and its only on this 1 fight.
maybe a walk through of my setup will help you. you said you had the certains slightly open. heres what i do; i close my curtains completely. use 2 3way lamps. one on each side of me. set them to first setting,50watts. thus i always have same lighting anytime of day. i think this is your biggest proablem. lack of consistent light. the only game not needing any light is rise of nightmares. it can be played in the dark. so i suggest a stable source of light.

if that doesnt solve it, then i'm baffled. works great with all games. also you need to be 6ft from front of sensor. hope this helps. its not an easy 1k though. hardcore career i just finished. which i've had since launch ugh. anyways hope you get it figured out soon
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