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Big fan of the AC games, have been since the demo of the first one came out on demo disc 13 of the PSOne games mag back in the late 90's (think I was nine lol). Glad to see a return to the original feel of the series, although I will admit that 4 and FA were a fun kind of intense for me. AC3 was easily the game I spent most of the time on, and AC5 plays a lot more like that, easily a win for me lol.

The perpetual on-line multi-player is interesting, though any new players will have a hard time breaking into the conquest unless they start talking to any mercenaries they've hired. I've met a few, and joined a merc's team to give us a grand total of two "7th Battalion", if anyone is interested in getting started.
There is a point that I'm wondering about, that I haven't been able to find any info on yet;

1st up, is the "Ineffective" icon that pops up, I'm guessing that this is related to target armour, and that you need to break though? I've noticed that my weapons tend to start doing damage after a few shots from a high power sniper rifle I keep on my hanger. I've seen a particle explosion, and I'm guessing there is a collaboration between the two.

And are the Gatling Guns worth their weight? I'm always a fan of the KE weapons in the AC games, Gatling Guns usually being my staple next to missiles. But most of the enemies I'm fighting tend to be able to render them useless thanks to the "ineffective" quandary.
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