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^ And you're asking yourself? What exactly? If the next sentence is a carry on that is not the place for a fullstop or a fucking paragraph.
I'm playing on easy and i havent died yet
'scuse me for being the give away but that bold part is a big giveaway.

I bought this game for 3 quid about 6 months ago, i've put off playing it at all because of what i read here....40hrs of wandering around doing collectables before i get a storyline if i go after achievements, if i dont its a second playthrough and still 40hrs of walking around before i get a storyline...

Fuck me they designed this game well enough to actually put off an achievement whore who actually owns it! I hate collectables, esp ones that take more time than the main story...

In know full well i will never bother with the MP, i never do if its a boosting situation, i dont care that much for GS, i'll sit and do singleplayer stuff alot, but not waiting on some random to help and quit once they get done and leave me stuck.
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