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For the least steps challenge, has anyone tried the falling portal funnel method for test chamber 13? I think that new updates have made it so falling though a portal and landing on the ground, no matter how close to the ground falling up through a portal you are. I think they made it even harder to get gold on the steps challenges. I've done test chamber 13 so many times and I can't get less than 3 steps after I fall through the first floor portal and land. I think they definitely took away functionality with the ease of getting medals. The falling method I speak of is just trying to constantly fall to move through the map. Try using the cube cheat while falling to get them on switches. Save while in a good fall and fall up when trying to get more accurate cube placements on switches and then horizontal portal launch through the exit and save as you get into the room and then start new game to disable cheat mode and then reload your save. This idea is specific to chamber 13 for the least steps challenge. I think it could work. Anyone have feedback about it? I want to see if it works, if I can't just attempt to do it myself. I think the community would act on this fast than I could pull it off.
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