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Actually, the curiosity got the best of me and I just did it in 10 steps. I just reloaded a point where I was in the end room with 7 steps used and used portals to assist me through the gate. Used the funnel method to gain speed so I would hit the ceiling of the already short room and blind fired a portal right in front of the item disintegrator so I would be going up and down through both portals for accuracy. ( took a few tries) once you start going up and down, try to face the elevator through the closest portal to it and when you come up through that portal, make sure you're as close to the edge of the portal without landing back on the ground as possible. Once you get in position as close to the elevator as you can be (note I am at 7 steps still) push forward as you're coming up through the correct portal (make sure you save as a safeguard) and take 1.5 steps and it should let you jump into the elevator so you don't take 4 steps. That's a way to get 10, if you're at 7 already and you don't think you can make it with that much. It took me 15 minutes to figure this out. Not that hard. Gold time challenges are going to be a problem though.
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