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Blinded Enemy - 10
Use on Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units.

You will unlock the Smoke Screen ability on level 3. After unlocking it, reach a point in the game where you have 6 units in your convoy and use the Smoke Screen ( and then left + ) once your convoy reaches a corner so each of the units fits into the initial circle. Simply having all six cross through the smoke screen at some point won't work. I unlocked this on the first corner in mission 8, but any time after unlocking the smoke screen and getting enough money for 6 units will work.

Pimp Your Squad - 10
Fully Upgrade a unit

Each unit can be upgraded a total of three times, for a price that increases each time that unit is upgraded. The cheapest unit to upgrade, by far, is the Supply Unit you will unlock at the very end of the campaign, so don't worry about it before that point.

Collector - 10
Collect 20 abilities

You just need to gather up 20 of the abilities dropped by your friendly airplanes. You can get this on the second mission if you gather up every repair ability that drops. You will usually see or hear the planes when they fly over for a supply drop, and you can also see the abilities on your tactical screen ( ).

First Blood - 10
Destroy 10 Towers

Destroy any 10 should have this a couple of minutes into the game.

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