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Easy way to beat the AA duel challenges

This is for once you get the gold star and then face off with the cpu in a challenege to see who gets the better score. I noticed that if I pushed A to skip the cpu so I didn't have to watch him he would have a high score. If I chose to watch his challenge instead of skip it most of the time he would have a horrible score. Sometimes it would be half of the score if I would have skipped it. You can also choose people from your edited team. I did mess with game sliders too but I am not sure if that effects the duels.

***NEW GLITCH FOUND***. While playing the deny position duel I found that if you hold the right stick up during the cpu's turn the cpu player stops and stands there with his hands up allowing the other cpu player to score negative points against the cpu. When it is your turn it will be easy because the cpu player will already be -500. That was one of the most annoying duels.
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