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Time Attack/Headshot/ Close Combat Mode Glitch?

I've played this game to death now and just want to get my last 150 points for the 3 modes.
I've read how to do the glitch for each one which is fine. Does anyone know if you can use cheats on them?

When I got the achievement for killing The Immortal with Cross on Killer I used the method of starting new time attack game, playing until 1st checkpoint, back to main menu, go to chapter select (Act 9) put the required cheats on, played til 1st checkpoint (cheats auto turned off), turned them back on, let myself be killed, loaded up last checkpoint and cheats are still working but the bug symbol had disappeared.
I got the achievement no problem (Cross killing Immortal) but no time attack (my time was listed as 99:59:59) I'm guessing because I used cheats it automatically maxes out the timer? Does anyone know?

Also can anyone tell me if there is a way to do headshot/ Close Combat mode with cheats?
I just loaded up close combat, played until C/P 1, back to MM, Unlocked Acts (Act 9), entered cheats, played until they auto turned off, put them back on, died, restarted checkpoint and it didnt work. Can anyone say for sure that Cheats do not worked in CC/HS mode?

I even reactivated them at every checkpoint, shot at the immortal with One Shot, One Kill cheat on and quickly turned it off before the bullet hit him, he still dies in 1 shot but no achievement. Will this work if I use cheats all the way until the Immortal and then kill him legit?
I can get up that bell tower with my eyes shut now!
Any help appreciated, thanks.
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