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Originally Posted by Aidexx View Post
Just playing Bioshock 2 for the second time and probably will buy this DLC, because it has gained some good reviews. The other DLC releases feels like waste of money, also the price of Minerva's Den is just about right. This is singleplayer DLC, am I correct and the other DLC's are (mostly) multiplayer? Don't care much for the MP of Bioshock 2, but the singleplayer campaign is almost as good as in the first Bioshock.
Minerva's Den and the Protector Trials are both single player, the rest is multiplayer add-ons such as maps, new characters and an increased level cap.

In my opinion, the Protector Trials (while showcasing the weakest part of Bioshock 2 in general in my opinion) gives you a lot of bang for your buck; plenty of levels and some bonus unlockables in the form of game artwork, unseen trailers and so on. While it's not nearly as strong as Minerva's Den, I'd say give it a go regardless.
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