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Great guide! Used it and got everything. Nice simple guide with good pictures and descriptions! Thanks.

Some errors/glitches I encountered while playing (second time)

- Sometimes a note wouldn't show for some reason. So leaving the area/building/room and then going back it was there.

- the mystery "Mystery: Employee Review" was badly glitched as so much I could see it but couldn't pick it up. I read on another thread that to fix it you go in the room first BEFORE picking up the previous note that is attached to the guard hung upside down. reloading the previous save and doing it that way fixed it for me.

- the mystery "Mystery: Poem Fragment 2" was again badly glitched. Its the one where you have to do the play, open the curtains move the light etc. I did it in the correct order but nothing happened. So I did it again and then it loaded the correct scene (shack spawning, rain etc)

- The puzzle inside the shack (related to above point) again was glitched. I completed the puzzle, all the blocks were correct, but nothing happend. I had to reload then come back in and do it again. This time it worked.

Don't know if its worth adding those under each relevant Item/location as not being able to pick one up might result in people giving up.

EDIT: Also, just for anyone else wondering. I did the Bank Job sidequest, killed monsters (I ended with having killed 10) and still got the A/C endings.
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