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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Here is the Achievement Guide and Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 19 (185)
-Online: 1 (15)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 4-8 Hours (Skill dependent)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of misable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: 1 - Empty Fort Know
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Hints do not prevent all achievements but prevent You Used gold trophies.


There is three set of 25-level to complete the game. Each level has three badge You Used, Time and Moves.
You Used will be gold if you don't need extra piece that the set you start with
Time will be gold if you complete the last fastest than the gold standard.
Moves will be gold if you complete the level within the allowed move range, which is normally the number of piece you have allowed (but it sometimes varies)

First set of 25 level (Gear and Stars logo)
Work on each level in the batch of 25. If you get all gold, you can move to the next level.

If you did not get gold on time, you cannot get it until you complete the current set of level. So move on the next level.

If you did get gold on time, but not in other category, shoot for gold then as you learn that level.

At the end of the Level 25, you can now go back and get all three gold throphies on the level you have not completed.

Second set of 25 level (Brain with gears)

Repeat the same step as the before.
Note that you currently cannot get gold on moves in level 47.

Third set of 25 level (Cylon Centurion)

Repeat the same step.
All golds are achievable.

It is now time to go back and clean up a couple of achievements you may still needs.

Finally you will have to go to the leaderboard and check if you have five friends in there, if not check in the trading achievement thread for friend to add to your list.

That should net you the currently achievable 19 achievemnts and 180 points.
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