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Orion Ben's Gamercard
Beginners Luck 10
Complete all tutorial levels (1 to 5).

Just solve puzzle until level 5.
See Sprocketeer

All Revved Up 15
Complete level pack one. Levels 1 to 25.

Just solve puzzle until level 25.
See Sprocketeer

Cognition 15
Complete level pack two. Levels 26 to 50.

Just solve puzzle until level 50.
See Sprocketeer

Sprocketeer 15
Complete level pack three. Levels 51 to 75.

Solve all game 75-levels.

The solution for all the level can be found here:
Thanks to artphobia for the find.

Forty-Niner 5
Earn 50 gold medals.
See Empty Fort Knox

Argonaut 10
Earn 100 gold medals.
See Empty Fort Knox

Gold Tycoon 15
Earn 200 gold medals.
See Empty Fort Knox

Empty Fort Knox 20
Earn 225 gold medals.

There is 225 gold medals in the game. There is 75 You Used medals, 75 Time and 75 Moves medals.
The previous achievement can use any type, but this one needs all of them

Use the solution mentioned in the Sprocketeer achievement.

To get You used gold throphies: You need to reproduce the solution as shown.
To get Moves: You need to solve the puzzle in the number of minimum moves. You just have to reproduce to picture perfectly.
To get Time: You need to beat the gold time. You have to go fast but they are all easy to achieve.

This achievements is glitched.
You cannot complete Level 47 in only 3-moves.
So you can only obtain 224 gold medals. Good enough for the previous two achievements.

Do-Over 5
Reset a level twice.

Simply place a gear on any level, hit RESET and repeat a second time.

Fast Mover 15
Complete the game in under one hour.

Requires Sprocketeer achievements.

This is not the time show as Hour Played in your statistic.
It is the total time of all your 75 levels which needs to total under 1-hour.

You will get this going for Empty Fort Knox.

Jammies 5
Jam three gears.

See Jammertime.

Jammertime 5
Jam every gear in a level. (1)

You need to lock the gear so that they cannot rotate because one gear attache to item which needs the gear to go clockwise and another item which requires the gear to go counter-clockwise.

Can be done on level 30 without much issue. I use the technique I found on TrueAchivements by JLDUNC

Just place one small gear (from the top) to connect the the top two gears. Then place another small gear to connect the second and third gears (from the top down again). Next, place a medium gear to connect the moving gear and the fourth gear. To jam the entire thing, place the last small gear so it connects the medium gear you just placed, the fourth gear and the second gear.

Minimover 5
Move 50 gears.

See Mover and a Shaker.

Long Haul 5
Move 250 gears.

See Mover and a Shaker.

Mover and a Shaker 10
Move 1250 gears.

You should get this in your progression toward level 75.
Every time you click on a gear, move it and place it on board, it counts as one. Repeat 1250 times.

Precision 15
Complete the game in 400 moves or less.

Save Some For Dinner 5
Solve a level with a gold gear left over.

[i]Thanks to big red marino[/b]
Level 24 can be done in two moves with two gears - to unlock "Save Some For Dinner".
Put the small gear on bottom shifted to the left and the large gear should touch all three gears - leaving you an extra gear.

Take cover! 15
Cause two gears to fall simultaneously.

Simply stack three gears vertically and remove the bottom one.

The Sky is Falling 5
Cause five gears to fall simultaneously.

Stack six gears vertically and remove the bottom one.

The Social Construct 15
View your friend leaderboard while it contains at least five friends.

Look at the leaderboard, you need six players including yours.
If you are missing friend who played Revolution, visit the following thread:

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