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Originally Posted by pnutosan View Post
I literally solved it about an hour ago (After puzzling over it since yesterday it finally clicked as soon as I saw Wizpig's pic hahaha) so there's definately a cube/secret in there.

Maybe one of the qr codes cancels it out? *shrug*
i doubt that, i only ever used the QR codes for specific rooms when mine wouldn't scan. i may just not remember doing it. i did play through the game in a ridiculously long session and broke my brain learning a new language at 3am.

Originally Posted by Hexahedronaut View Post
yeh the QR must have cancelled it out, or when you get 32 gold cubes that cancels it out im on my second NG+ ive never got anything from that room and its gold :/
well, in the interest of curiosity, would pnutosan (or anyone) mind posting the solution in spoiler tags or sending me a PM? i swear i got an AC in there, but now i'm confused.

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