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Originally Posted by newbsicle View Post
Top recruit achievement:

What the hell am I doing wrong? I simmed/played this game 5hours straight and can't get it. This is what happens every time. I start the season rated about a 90-99 with west Virgina. Normally I go through the first week and select every top 10 recruit and put him on my list. Once that's done I sim/play every game making sure I win it, while I also update all my recruits and get the %100. Now time for the fun... I sit atop my last win before the first signing period starts reloading it over, and over, and over again. After I fail 10 times I wait till the signing period at the end of the tournament. Same crap....... I have done this not losing one freaking game for 9 season, and still can't get it... My recruit in coach is A+ and I wanna kills someone over the life I wasted on 30f**king gamerscore.
Are you in Career Legacy..or Open?
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