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Originally Posted by esio gk View Post
It is possible to get Dragonheart while doing Roche path. You just have to walk away after the dragon hits the tree. It probably should be moved from Iorweth missables to general missables.

I don't think anybody mentioned this but if somebody did, sorry for repeating.
Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
Go to the next mission objective, to the guy who gives you the reward for killing the Kayran. You will also get the diagram from him.
Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
I don't think you can buy it. I got it from the merchant as part of my reward. You have to tell him to double the payment. Then use Axii on him to get him to agree.
Originally Posted by gazmaster1 View Post
You may want to add that some achievements take a few seconds to unlock. I upgraded my abilities once and the sense of magic achievement didnt pop straight away so re-loaded my save and tried again, after waiting a few seconds it eventually popped.
Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post

Also rokkyrok:

Simply talking to him won't do much, i.e. you can't start right away. I'd add this to clear things up:

Proximo is the one you should talk to about arenas. You won't be able to do a lot in here though until you complete the quest called The Butcher of Cidaris, which will trigger availability of the quest Ave Henselt, which features Geralt taking part in arena fights.
Originally Posted by ChaosTheoryV2X View Post
Ok I got it figured out. read carefully. MAJOR SPOILERS fyi so if you want don't come back to this post until it's obvious (and it will be) you should.

Feel free to add this to the achievement description OP (recommended really)

How to get Necromancer: It is story related, but it is easily missable as I'll mention.

After an assassination attempt on king henslet by 2 witchers, auches and w/e. Dethmold wants you to enter the memories of the one you kill to find out etc etc. In here one mistake (stepping on a trap, going the wrong way, dying) will throw you out and you have to go back in.

1st is just easy killing some harpies/bandits, pretty straightforward.

2nd is carefully follow the other guy and don't touch any traps, make sure to look at the ground the entire time. You will proceed to have some convo.

<SAVE HERE> you'll find out why.
3rd is your inside the war camp prevalent in ch2. Wait for the 2 guards to start moving, you can move up a tent and hide behind it, and keep following the guard that goes straight (or left you could say) he will turn around 2 times so be careful, line of sight breaks the mission, and I'm not sure if you can re-enter the memories after it breaks this time. once he goes to the fire go to the right and keep going and it should throw you into the next fragment.

4th is just walking straight as the other guy mumbles about some big stuff goin down.

5th is where you are in the kings encapment and fighting. It's pretty easy as your guys are really hax against regular stuff. Just do some rolling and pwn them from behind.

This is where the DING should be, after you kill the last one.

6th, face Geralt, and get owned badly (I wasn't even able to hit him, Shield + swirling sword attack = lolwutpwned.)

Not written the greatest so feel free to rewrite that stuff.. xD
will update tomorrow.
thanks all for your additions.
i wrote roadmap from memory and just wanted to keep it brief, guess i was too brief.
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