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Originally Posted by SideshowN View Post
I have 99.8% complete and have obtained all the minikits, gold bricks, red hats, etc except I'm missing one character. The character I'm missing is to the right of "Hungry Cannibal". I have walked all over the hub in day and night time and can not find this character.

UPDATE: Used the cheat code to unlock "Angry Cannibal" and now I have 100%. I did not use any cheat codes prior to this so either I just couldnt find Angry Cannibal in the hub or the game glitched somewhere along the way.
I had the same problem at 99.8% complete and was missing "ANGRY CANNIBAL''. He wasn't on the beach to buy and didn't want to use cheat codes. All I did then was to activate both golden wheels on the beach. Maybe the one on the left that pulls the floating pallets across the water might have been enough but I did both wheels [need an underwater bomb guy to release the pallets]. Then change to a girl and jumped on the pallets on the left in the water to reach the 2 green bars to pull them down. Then I went back to the beach and ''ANGRY CANNIBAL'' was there to buy. 100% complete. Hope it works for you.
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