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Originally Posted by Zombiedrd View Post
"Not everyone has the ability to get DLC. For most of the world, a credit card of some type is required. Plus, if they did cut the ending for content(I have no idea, never even heard of the game), that sets a bad precedent for future games. As everything thing else in the world, the costs of gaming will only rise in the future(Resources, bla, bla). "

Did you miss that word? No where did I say I knew this for a fact. I said IF, then I went on to say why, even if I was wrong about the game, it was a bad precedent, then I even stated that I have never played the game.
Which really goes to prove how much of a jerk you r commenting on things you know nothing about, why would you comment at all knowing nothing about what ur talking about, plus u stated you have never heard of the game,WTF its cause you live under a bridge troll. dickheads like you forget 1 thing they are companys trying to make money not a fuckn goodwill orginisation to give shit away for free, its this simple if you dont think dlc is worth paying for dont fucking buy it. would you prefer these companys all went under and wel have no good devs making good games left at all.
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