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It seems like whenever you create an item at a workbench, if you have a full inventory, the component parts will disappear from it, but because there's no room in your bag it just vanishes. I forgot to check if I had full bags three times and lost my meat baits that way. I also seem to switch to equipping alcohol randomly after using a medkit from time to time, so I'll mash B to get my HP back and then all of a sudden instead of swinging melee when I hit RT, my screen is blurry and I'm being pulverized. Wat.

Mostly I was just devastated as soon as I turned the game on, having seen nothing but that slow-motion, reverse kid falling out of a window trailer with sad music that in no way represented the game they brought out.

I've noticed a lot of people in this thread saying that it felt as though they rushed the game out and that it should have stayed unreleased for longer while they beta'd it. Well, it was announced in 2006. There's no excuse for the buggy BS they shipped it with at all. Six years, god damn it. All of my disappoints.
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