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Gamertag: Zm4rc0
Server name: Out to Kill
Server owner: me
Server description: There are no rules. We play CQ, standart BF3 maps. We like the challenge. This was made for clan matches, but it will remain open (existing) all the time.

We record every match (when I'm there).
& I'm not the only admin, so if you get into any trouble (when I'm not there), don't blame me. I never kick people who are better then me. Why? Because there is noone better then me! XD

So join, fav & enjoy the game.

*any requests are welcome!
contact me (Zm4rc0) or GDNA PIETER

Btw.: we do not boost. So if the server is empty, ur free to do whatever you want. But when people start joining, we make war & no b*****t! ^^
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