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The following is all theoretical, but should allow you to derank to Rank 30, even with a full loadout. I can not guarantee that this will work.

First of all, you have to know how the Warlord glitch (which isn't really a glitch) works.

As we all know, Ubisoft created an anti-cheating mechanism to prevent anyone from gaining too much XP in a single match. This mechanism introduces an invisible XP cap of 1,500 XP. Any more XP will be deducted after you quit your session to make sure you'll never get more than 1,500 XP per match. We'll call this deduction the penalty.
Also, you're unable to manually derank below the threshold of your current rank.

This penalty doesn't take the following three things into account:
- It doesn't care if you go lower than the threshold of your current rank.
- It doesn't offset it with negative XP that you gain, allowing you to gain more negative XP than positive XP
- Total XP is stored an unsigned integer

We can assume that the above three statements are true and here's why.

If the first statement weren't true, then we couldn't derank in general. Please see the following post by SirLugash for more information on his succesfull deranking attempt from rank 19 to 18.

If the second statement weren't true, then the game would offset the difference between your own negative XP (whether through team killing or resetting diamonds) with the accumulated penalty and, with enough negative XP, set the penalty to 0 XP. But SirLugash managed to derank and some of us have already deranked to 30. So there's no relationship between your own negative XP and the penalty.

If the third statement weren't true, then no one would be able to derank to rank 30, and instead have a negative total amount of XP.

For the not-so-technical people: in computer science, integers come in two flavours: signed and unsigned. To keep it simple, signed means that the leftmost bit is used to determine the sign (+ or -) and the rest of the bits determine the absolute value of the number.
Unsigned means that the number stored in the total XP field is always positive and negative values are impossible. In general, when you attempt to go below 0, the number will roll over to the next highest number, which is way higher than the amount of XP required for Warlord. Hence, you suddenly become rank 30.

Here's the fun part: the trick has absolutely nothing to do with loadouts or diamonds. Resetting your diamonds is merely an easy way to give yourself negative XP without going over the 1,500 XP cap and setting yourself up for the rollover of XP.

The minimum amount of XP you can lose when going over the limit is 5 XP. The game keeps track of the amount of XP it should subtract during your session quit and I believe that it works like this: for every match during a session (the period in between which you start playing ranked matches and then quit) in which you got more than 1,500 XP, say X, then you'll receive a (1500 - X) XP penalty when you quit playing. This amount is always negative and is subtracted during a session. After the session ends, this negative sum is subtracted from your current total XP, regardless of whether you have gained any negative XP yourself.

To recap, you derank as follows:
  • Get X XP, where X > 1500, so that you get a 1500 - X penalty
  • Lower your XP to the threshold of your current rank. You can't lower your rank below this by teamkilling.
    • Removing a diamond automatically gives you just enough negative XP so that you're right at the threshold of your current (or previous?) rank.
  • Let the penalty system subtract the rest so that your rank lowers below the rank threshold automatically

Warlord is simply a special case of this scenario, and as such I don't believe it's a glitch, but rather an exploit. The game simply does what it was programmed to do.

Here's the ranking table for the first 20 ranks:
Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 150
Rank 3: 450
Rank 4: 1,200
Rank 5: 2,100
Rank 6: 3,300
Rank 7: 5,500
Rank 8: 7,000
Rank 9: 10,000
Rank 10: 15,000
Rank 11: 20,000
Rank 12: 27,500
Rank 13: 40,000
Rank 14: 55,000
Rank 15: 75,000
Rank 16: 100,000
Rank 17: 125,000
Rank 18: 150,000
Rank 19: 200,000

Using the minimum amount of XP you can be deducted, 5, means you can't derank beyond rank 7 because you need 1,500 to level up. Say you used your penalty to derank to rank 7 at 6,995 XP and you then lower yourself to 5,500 XP. You'd need to get the penalty back, but to get that, you'll need to become rank 8 again! So you'll always deduct straight back to rank 7. Instead, we'll get a penalty which is higher than 1,500 to derank PAST 7, right into rank 6. This technique will be used extensively for the last few levels you need to deduct.

Here's how to derank to rank six.
- Deduct XP until you get 5,500 XP (the rank 7 threshold)
- Get enough XP in a single match until you have a total of 9,995 (5 XP shy of rank 9, for a total of 4,495 XP). This gives you a penalty of 1,500 - 4,495 = -2,995 XP, which is enough to derank all the way to rank six and 'skip' rank 7.
- Finish the match
- Deduct your XP through team killing until you get to 7,000 XP (the threshold for your current rank, 8)
- Use your penalty, to get to 7,000 - 2,995 = 4,005 XP, which is rank 6

Watch out: if you get MORE than 4,495 XP, you'll rank up to rank 9, and you'll be at 10,000 - 2,995 = 7,005 XP, rank 8.

According to the above table, the jump from rank 6 to 7 is 2,200 XP, so the default procedure applies to derank to five:
- Deduct to 3,300 XP
- Get more than 1,500 XP, say 1,505 for a total of 4,805 XP. You now have a 5 XP penalty. Don't go over a total of 5,495 XP, or else you'll rank up.
- Finish the match
- Deduct back to 3,300
- Use the penalty system to get 3,295 XP, which is rank 5.

From Rank 5 to Rank 6 requires 1,200 XP, so we can't apply the usual procedure. From rank 5 to rank 7 requires 3,400 XP so you can get a maximum penalty of -1,895 XP and this is more than the 1,200 XP needed to go from rank 5 to rank 6.
So here's how to derank to Rank 4:
- Get 2,100 XP through deduction (Rank 5 threshold)
- Get enough XP in a single match to get a total of 5,495 XP (for a total of 3,395 XP). This is gives you a penalty of 1,500 - 3,395 = -1,895XP. This is more than the amount of XP required to rank up from 5 to 6. You'll now be rank 6.
- Finish the match
- Lower your XP to 3,300 XP (the threshold for rank 6, this requires -2,195 XP)
- Use the penalty and you'll be at 1,405 XP, rank 4.

The jump from rank 4 to 5 is 900 XP and from 4 to 6 is 2,100 XP. The first jump is too small to even build up a penalty, and the second jump only gives you a -595 XP penalty (you stop gaining XP at 3,295 XP, which is a total of 3,295 - 1,200 = 2095 increase, resulting in a -595 XP penalty). 2,100 - 595 = 1,505 XP, so we won't be doing that.

From Rank 4 to Rank 7 requires 4,300 XP. This will result in a maximum penalty of -2,795 XP (you need 4,295 XP for that, which is 2,795 XP more than 1,500), so we'll use that.
To derank to rank 3, do the following:
- Get 1,200 XP (the rank four threshold)
- Get enough XP in a single match to get 5,495 XP (almost rank 7). This is a total of 4,295 XP, giving you a penalty of 1,500 - 4,295 = -2,795 XP. You're now Rank 6.
- Finish the match
- Deduct until you're at 3,300 XP (this requires -2,195 XP and should put you at the rank 6 threshold). This should be possible because you have 5,495 XP.
- Use the penalty again and you should be at 3,300 - 2,795 = 505 XP, which is rank 3.

Here's the amount of XP required from rank 3 to higher ranks:
- 4: 750 XP (no penalty possible)
- 5: 1,650 XP. There's a maximum penalty of -145 XP possible, so you'd be at rank three with 1,200 - 145 = 1,055 XP (rank 3)
- 6: 2,850 XP. There's a maximum penalty of -1,345 XP possible, so you'd get 2,100 - 1,345 = 755 XP (rank 3)
- 7: 5,050 XP. There's a maximum penalty of -3,545 XP possible.

This is the last derank you'll need to do. This should get your Warlord.
- Get 450 XP (Rank 3 threshold)
- Get enough XP in a single match to get 5,495 XP. This requires 5,495 - 450 = 5,045 XP, and will give you a penalty of 1,500 - 5,045 = -3,545 XP. At the end, you're almost at Rank 7.
- Finish the match
- Deduct until you get 3,300 XP (the rank six threshold)
- Quit session and let the -3,545 XP penalty perform its magic.

You're now at -245 total XP and this is where rollover kicks in: you can't have a negative amount of XP and as such will have a huge amount of positive XP: enough for rank 30.

This should all be played on Uprising.

The fastest method requires six people: two teams, each with a captain and two regular players. Captain is downed, one revives the captain and the last (the one who wants to derank) downs the captain. Both teams can do this at the same time.
It's best if the reviver is a dummy so that that person doesn't get any unnecessary XP.

I once boosted for 15 minutes straight and got roughly 8,5k XP, only by killing the captain (30 XP per kill), so my guess is that you can net roughly -4,200 XP per 15-minute match as you only get -15 XP for killing the captain. At 271,000 XP (my current amount) this still requires at least 16 hours of killing the captain.

You can do it with just three people. One person will just be sitting there and you'll have to kill the captain every single time. This will go slower than the above method.

This should work. In theory. Again, I do not know for sure of this works, but I'm willing to test it out with someone who's at rank 7 or 8. Or whoever wants to derank.
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