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Originally Posted by Kieran69 View Post
So, I was one of the people who was trying to support this game since it came out, mainly because I am a big fan of Capcom, plus I did enjoy the game and thought it was nice they were adding a "Free" DLC. Well everyone was saying oh, it's not going to be free just wait, and they were right. That's a dirty little thing they did there. Telling us they're going to release the other side of the campaign as DLC for free, and we come to find out only 1 chapter is free. It's pretty sad, and as much as I want to I just can't support them on this anymore. Everything they've released as DLC is kind of obvious that it was in the game beforehand. Don't comment saying "Blame Slant Six" because I enjoy the game, I don't like that Capcom is releasing the content as paid DLC that should have came with the game. Just a rant

Most of these video game development companies like Capcom and such have seen the avenue of 'DLC' as a quick and easy cash grab. They purposley leave out content and then release it a few weeks after the game has been released in the form of 'DLC' and make you shell out around 800MS points for it.

It's dodgy, yes. But it's just the way it is nowdays. Accept it.
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