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Gamertag: Miles Prower F6
Server: The Fathergamer Podcast SERVER

Rotation: 24/7 Wake Island Conquest Assault

Ranked: Yes.

Rule Set: Normal DICE rules.

Admins: 4. Unlikely to be kicked/banned for any reason. Plays like a DICE server.

Notes: Keyword for server browsing is "Fathergamer" as the actual name of the server may change over time.

The Fathergamer Podcast(TFGP) will be hosting an xbox live community event for BF3(may even include prizes) in the near future.

If YOU want a chance to influence our community event map rotation for BF3, drop an opinion at our battle.log which I will link below.

This is Wake Island Conquest Assault 24/7. Features tanks, mobile AA, jets, attack helicopers and the "skid loader." Perfect for leveling up anything you could want, and a chance for the "Like a Boss" achievement involving the skid loader.
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