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Originally Posted by Shinobi273 View Post
What weapons are you using? I'm using gatling guns from the Recon DLC and Vertical missiles or KE rockets. Gatling guns get "ineffective" alot of the time. The missiles/rockets seem like the only weapons I have that cut through more armored enemies.

It sucks that they offer co-op and slap you in the face with a penalty that severe.
2 gatlings on the front. I think they are the USG/H. the one's that do 1000 damage (my performance bar is maxed out). there are ineffective a lot, but it doesn't matter because they end up doing tons of damage anyways

2 battle rifles on the back, the Stretozas (sp.) they take out what the gatling guns can't for the most part, but i use the USG's 90% of the time.

for shoulders i like the daisey's a lot but they weigh 1200+ (very good energy consumption though). but if you do missions with a lot of missiles i would swap out to a missile interceptor. the ammo magazines are also pretty nice b/c the USG's don't have as much ammo as some of the other gatlings.
Seriously 1, 2, & 3 !!!

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