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Originally Posted by Akatsuki Sw1tch View Post
You missed out the CONSTANT running back & forth all the blooming time & Having to look after useless A.I who struggle to fight their way out of a paper bag
It's always been that way. By now I'd call it a "feature".

At least the characters move around. I remember back during the first Samurai Warriors, the generals would abruptly stop and refuse to go anywhere, which made escort missions very annoying. The worst was when I had to use Ranmaru to help Nobunaga escape a burning village which kept spewing endless hordes of troops. Nobunaga stopped in the middle of the street and refused to move anymore. He just stood there, whacking away at the soldiers. I had to use Ranmaru to physically PUSH him down the street and then through the exit gate to win the mission. Took me like half an hour and 15,000 KOs.
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