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I love this game. I rarely buy DLC, it has to be good and for a game I like. I wont just buy DLC for achievements or completion. With that said, the DLC started off with a bang already.

I do have a slight problem. I 1k'ed this about 2 months ago and have lost some mojo. I'm starting on hard and on the first episode (19) I'm having a hard time beating the boss faster than 4:30, everything else is a S but for time I'm getting a B.

Any tips to help me remember some strata to finish this boss quicker. I refuse to move on till I S rank this episode first that way the QTE parts are fresh on my mind. At this time I only played this twice and bout to go in for the 3rd run.

Edit: I got it.

Time 4:28 - A

Battle Points 3233 - S

Sync 99 - S

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