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Originally Posted by DarkReign2021 View Post
I haven't liked an Armored Core game since the early PS2 titles and I've always preferred games like Mechassault, Mechwarrior, Phantom Crash, and Chromehounds, but with the lack of mech games this generation and the last decent one being Front Mission Evolved. Since this one seems to be a lot like Chromehounds in design, I'll have to check this out when I have the cash. Is the customization like AC where you can stack weapons on weapons and customize weapon inputs?
Oh God Mechassault? No. Mechwarrior? More please.

I only played AC4 and that one didn't have stacking weapons like Chromehounds. Compared to AC4, the gameplay is very similar. Changes to ACs include: Switching on the fly hangar weapons without purging, heavy weapons require no movement and enter a special stance, no more flight ACs, shoulder weapons are single only (makes controls easier), much longer story missions similar to CH but longer, Order missions are much like AC4 missions and data packs.

AC designing is very similar to AC4, you have two hands, two hangars, and a shoulder weapon/equipment. You no longer need to balance weight on the AC and the 'point' system (FRS) for customizing ACs is also gone. One significant change to AC5 is a callback to CH with KE (Kinetic), CE (Chemical/HEAT), and TE (Thermal/energy) damage and armor. Being weak in one of the 3 makes the corresponding weapon effective against you. All the energy weapons got rolled in to TE damage so I imagine online will have all 3 unlike CH where everyone ran CE.

Definately don't pay full price for this. You can check youtube on what it looks like. It is a heavy wrencher game where you are going to spend hours tweaking your AC. Still no retry or restart from the mission score screen. They make the missions so hard but make you go through all the screens to make another run.

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