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Originally Posted by DOPE BOI View Post
Thanks for the catch up. Just seen it but by the time you posted I am feeling more like my old self and got 2 S ranks down.

I'm having so much fun playing this game again and I'm loving the DLC. Its one of those rare games that even though I beat it like 5 times; it didn't feel like I was grinding achievements.

Now on episode 21. At the end you have the slow-mo (Y) When do I press it? I'm waiting for it to close and it never does. Ill prov have these done by the time you respond but thanks all the same.

You most likely have discovered this by now, but the slow mo prompt is really for effect and awesomeness. You dont ever press Y, and even if you do nothing happens, its just one to watch. Still a sad scene though

By now you should be on episode 22 "A life well lived"
It took 3 tries to get my S, so if you need help just let me know.
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