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Originally Posted by Shinobi273 View Post
Is it easy to find bosses? Any pressure to failing? In CH, if you failed the unidentified weapon you won't be seeing it again for a few months. You also had only a 10-15 minute window where it was available.
you can fight whichever boss you want, whenever you want. there is an icon for the boss battles in the mission selection. it is just like doing an order mission.

you do loose a lot of money if you fail, potentially over 300,000, and you don't really get much money when you win. i think the most i got was when i fought exusia, and i only got about 500,000. that's pretty low considering you get about 1,000,000 for the final mission of the story. for some of the other bosses i only got 50,000. it doesn't pay very well but it is fun.
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