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Won't let me play offline

Hey everyone i need some help today. i have my xbox offline because i need to change the date for me workouts for the week. i am going out of town the next 5 days and have 4 workouts that need to be done. i took my xbox offline. i changed the date to May 2nd. i turned off the xbox then back on. went to play the game and it won't let me past the punch and recognize screen. when it tries to identify me it can't recognize me. when i sign in manually on that menu it says it can't connect to xboxlive and i can say and go to internet settings or say no and conrinue on. when i click no it just makes me do that whole ID process all over again. no matter what i change it refuses to let me play with my gamer profile while disconnected from live. i can't take this game with me and my kinect and a monitor and my xbox on this trip. the hotel/motel most likely won't have the access i need for live and the chance of having my stuff stolen is too great. so my best option is changing dates. it just refuses to let me play without xboxlive. so frustrating. please any ideas would be so awsome. thx

through trial and error i think i got it. i redid my kinect ID again and again and it finally let me play the game. i also got rid of the update. i hope that doesn't screw me up. hope this helps others. did both my wednesday and thursday workout. tomorrow i will do my saturday and sunday workouts.

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