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No this is in no way worse than Mass Effect 3's ending. That was the single worst disappointment in my entire gaming history. I absolutely loved Mass Effect 3. It was in my opinion 99% perfect. That last 10 minutes or so was awful though. But it didn't detract from how amazing the rest of the game was.

With this game I was looking forward to seeing how the story played out since I was a fan of the first game. I thought the story was pretty good overall. The only part I didn't like about the ending to Prototype 2 was that Alex Mercer was consumed by Heller. That pissed me off. Since I liked Alex way more than Heller. I was hoping to be able to play as him in the third game.

The entire time through the game I just wanted to side with Mercer. He was a much more interesting character. I hadn't heard the theory that it wasn't really him but a viral clone. That's an interesting idea. It would make sense since he said his ultimate goal was to combine all life on the planet into one. Kind of like a hive mind. If that was the case, then maybe he could turn one of his Evolved into a clone of himself. His memories and DNA would be inside of anyone he sired/turned/infected.

I'm going to hope that's what Radical goes with when writing the next games story. Heller was okay for one game, but he's a pretty flat character overall. He just wanted his daughter back. Now that he has her, I don't see any need for him to be in future titles. That's just my opinion.
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