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Originally Posted by Starkweather View Post
I always wonder if it was a certain game that makes people like inverted better.

I get the whole thing that inverted is like using your head and regular is like using your eyes and i can adjust to both but i would never choose inverted when i have a choice.
I don't know where it comes from honestly. I originally thought it was because I learned how to fly a plane in my early teens. When you push the yoke forward in a plane it dives. So a few years later when I first picked up a joy stick I started playing games the same way. When I push the stick forward I want to look down. It just feels natural. I found out my theory didn't hold much water when my kids became old enough to start playing games themselves. None of them learned how to fly, but one of them plays all his games inverted the same way as I do. Seems to me now that it's the same thing as the difference between left and right handed people. Some are lefties and some aren't.
Again I want to thank you Blaze. Even though I ran into trouble on certain points, the game was well worth it. Hopefully we'll get a patch, but if we don't I'll still pick up and play the other episodes when they come out.
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