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Originally Posted by twotonkoala View Post
What class are you?

He's a piece of cake with any sort of ranged weapons, even on a berserker (it just takes more time to kill him with low ranged skill).

But then again, spider farming isn't going to be too easy without some sort of ranged attack.

Either way, GRNDL is easy:

1. shoot him once he pops out of the ground, continual fire
2. backpedal when he charges while firing (simply backpedaling will allow you to get out of melee range)
3. when he stands up the first time just backpedal while firing into his chest (the exposed gears)
4. then follow step 1 and 2 again until he stands up
5. fire at his head the second time he stands up (holding up on the right stick while keeping right trigger held down) again while backpedaling

Just roll if one of those little flying bastards hooks on to you, otherwise when he runs off to the corner and spits them out, you can just fire at him until he's close again and strafe...that should destroy all of them while you've still got a lock on GRNDL but they fly in front of where you're shooting.
I don't remember my type of character, he dual wields if that helps.
Otherwise, it's mostly the little buggers that fly around that end up killing me.

I have a plasma cannon, so I maybe try a different type of gun?

The problem is, even leading up to GRNDL and getting through the cavern, I died alot if times. The enemies do large amounts of damage, and I seem to do very little back.

I will try it out again, if I still can't get it, I will continue to farm runes, at least I know it works.
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