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I feel that Chakravartin was placed in the story at the perfect time. There isn't much to know about him he knew Asura had potential so he coached him throughout his time in Naraka and when he was in Rage mode. There isn't much more you need to know about him besides he is God, and he was looking for an heir. Its the perfect supreme being act. If he made himself known out of the gate (or in part III for exp) he would lose that potency as God.

Think about it, the deities revered themselves as "Gods" quoting Yasha from Chapter 6. If Chakravartin popped up and said "hey dere." Things would be thrown into chaos. I beleive if he mindfucked you from chapter 18's illistrated ending he did his job and did it perfectlly.

Now my feelings on the DLC are this. Capcom probablly had this ending planned all along but wanted to see what sort of reception the game got before commiting to it. This day and age companies can do alot of interesting things with IP's that they couldn't do before. Was Asura going to feel more like an outrageous demon from hell that beat everyone to a bloody pulp? Or was it going to feel that you yourself were beating your head in trying to complete the game?

I loved how they wrapped everything up perfect form of storytelling thats powerful and makes others step back and think about all thats transpired. Finally his wrath is gone, thats just the way the game SHOULD have ended (hence why Yasha hints towards it in Chapter 18 ("Is your wrath gone?") its interesting to note that Asura says he doesn't know hence why would they ultimiatlly leave a character like that with such an ending. as for the illustrated end I found that PERFECT its execution was flawless and my take of the "To be continued" is infact genuine. They wanted to see if the core game got a warm reception before investing serious time into it and the end results was one of the most animated and over the top games in my gaming career, how many people (aside from Kratos who hes been compared to and even then they were greek gods) can say they've witnessed a Underdog vs. Supreme being? Not many.
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