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Originally Posted by BThumme View Post
Quick battle, search for c5 Siegfried name Ozanius

Pick nightmare

Go all the way left, Ozanius will chase you. Press b+g and you'll throw him out. He never blocks the grab, and nightmare has a long reach. One you get in a groove you will be on fire.
Average ring out is with :55 left. That's about 140 xp/ 30 seconds. No way you can beat this.

No complicated combos here.

EDIT: I've beaten him 63 times in one hour. 138 point/ win. That's 8694 xp/hr.
In using BThumme's strategy I have found a quicker way to get to lv 99. You still are searching for Ozanius but select Hilde as your character. When the match starts go all the way to the left until you are at the black line, then wait for Ozanius to catch up to you when he does press LT and you will roll him off the stage. I averaged 4 seconds a match, so thats 56 second remaining, and managed to beat him 100 times in one hour (138 points times 100 = 13,800 exp/hr ). Thank you BThumme for putting up this method otherwise I would have never thought of using this myself and I hope this information will help at least one person.
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