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Originally Posted by twotonkoala View Post
Yeah, you're a berserker (only class that can dual wield). In all honesty, that's the worst class for spider farming, as the premise for spider-farming is predicated on long-range damage (at least, that makes it go by much faster). I want to say pistols are usually a little better for berserkers, but none of the long range weapons are going to work well unless you find runes to improve it, and even then you're at a disadvantage to most of the other classes (though I want to say bio-engineers are weak from distance as well...not important for this convo).

You should still be able to do damage using the method I mentioned above, but when I was using my berserker to take on GRNDL, I would wait for him to get close, rip off a couple of melee attacks (just hold, not double tap) and then roll away before he swung. When he stands up is a pain though cause he'll just grab you over and over. That's why I would recommend using range weapons, it'll be slow going as a zerker, but you can widdle him away slowly.

The pistols might help you take out those little flying bastards easier, cause you can lock on more than one at a time. But, especially when using the cannon, try just moving back and forth while locked onto GRNDL, they should fly in between your shots and him, taking them out automatically.

Hopefully that works for you, otherwise it might be worth considering using a commando if you've gone for the "get all classes to level 10" achievement (maybe even if you don't have a commando, depending on how far you are from 7500 drops). Just get him to the point of where the spider is so you can warp levels. It'll probably be easier to use him instead. This trick makes grinding out the items WAY easier.
I always liked the the berserker/ barbarian style classes of games, I liked getting right into the foray and beating crap up. And yes, he is a berserker.

I have a level 10 commando already, so i will go and try with him. At least drops will still count overall with him.

I have about 6000 drops right now according to the leaderboard. I understand that the leaderboard isn't always indicative of what your actual drops are, as I hear there is alot of tolerance for it.

Thanks for the help though, I appreciate it. Probably didn't help that I just picked up the game from my stash, expecting to just whiz through it like I've played it for the last 6 months.
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