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Originally Posted by XxStuartxX 1990 View Post
Read somewhere that it wasnt actually Mercer that dies at the end, its an evil clone of him that was formed from the virus.
Could you find the source for this? I'd love to read it myself, please!

Originally Posted by BloodGodAlucard View Post
With this game I was looking forward to seeing how the story played out since I was a fan of the first game. I thought the story was pretty good overall. The only part I didn't like about the ending to Prototype 2 was that Alex Mercer was consumed by Heller. That pissed me off. Since I liked Alex way more than Heller. I was hoping to be able to play as him in the third game.

The entire time through the game I just wanted to side with Mercer. He was a much more interesting character. I hadn't heard the theory that it wasn't really him but a viral clone. That's an interesting idea. It would make sense since he said his ultimate goal was to combine all life on the planet into one. Kind of like a hive mind. If that was the case, then maybe he could turn one of his Evolved into a clone of himself. His memories and DNA would be inside of anyone he sired/turned/infected.

I'm going to hope that's what Radical goes with when writing the next games story. Heller was okay for one game, but he's a pretty flat character overall. He just wanted his daughter back. Now that he has her, I don't see any need for him to be in future titles. That's just my opinion.
I agree, completely. Does Heller even know about PARIAH? Does anyone even give a crap about him anymore? Didn't they say if Alex and PARIAH ever met it would be extremely bad?
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