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Originally Posted by Magic Nun View Post
Now let's be real here guys, Ubisoft is a great game maker and COJ is a amazing game by all means. But you cannot sit there and tell me that the game is near perfect. Let's compare COJ to..o I don't know....Halo? now, halo has a WAY better FPS engine and graphics. The game play is amazing in COJ, but I wish they could focus just a taaaaaaad bit on graphics. When I played Medal of honor, I was a little disappointed in the graphics and lack of real feel to it, unlike Call of duty. But I for one actually HATE call of duty and in protest play lesser games like medal of honor and Call of juarez. NOT saying Ubisoft is a bad company, they just need to up the graphics engine a bit and ad a little more character to their games is all. Other than that, CANNOT WAIT FOR COJ4!!!!! what's it gonna be named? Call of Juarez: Praise White Jesus? LOL!, in reference to rays becoming a minister in BiB
Well, CoJ 1 tells what happens after Ray becomes a minister. You should check it out if you haven't.
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