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Fox Hound, I like your dedication and now that I have a bad ass PC I have begun the quest myself. I currently have all 3 360 versions maxed (AA, AA GOTY, AC) as well as AA GOTY for PC. I am currently looking to grab AA PC somewhere but in the meantime have just begun AC PC. I am pretty excited to see if AC GOTY has seperate achievements like AA did for that would bring in another 2000+ Batman points! (and a lot more riddler challenges!).

If anyone is looking to start this little challenge themselves then now is a great time. Gamestop is having a big PC sale and has AA GOTY for $5 and AC for $15. I'd give you a link but I am lazy.

Also, anyone know a place to get AA PC for cheap? Its not on any of the Steam-type sites. I found a disc version (boo) for $35 (double boo).

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