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The ending was a complete fail-another similarity to borderlands then(although BL at least had the decency to put you up against a boss)
I was a bit put out by the whole second disc to be honest-the world was smaller, contained about 5 "dungeons" (which were some of the better ones though), fewer job board missions and fewer story missions.

id totally dropped the ball with the last level-for a start one of RAGE's greatest achievements was the quality of its world with no two parts feeling recycled yet here was a series of grey recycled corridors.
It was also ridiculously easy-so easy that I didn't use much of my "fun" ammo e.g.mind-control bolts, BFG rounds, pop-rockets, because I simply assumed things were going to really kick off at any moment and I would then need to use all this stuff.
but having no boss battle to send the game out in style was the biggest kicker-no giant authority mutant?
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