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Worst Types of Storm Players

More and more I find myself playing with these types of players online and it's really ruining the fun for me

1. The Spammer: This includes the jutsu spammers (mostly the rasengan and chidori spammers) who don't even attempt to fight you but just constantly use their jutsu and ult. jutsu until your guard breaks or eventually you lose the match due to less health than they have. Support spammers fall this category as well. One good example of this is masked man's paper bombs I've been spammed so much by this character I get the feeling of "here we go again" when I see my opponent using him and I end up being right.

2. The Rage Quiter: im sure you all find this annoying when your on the verge of winning and suddenly your opponent drops out losing a well deserved win you should've gotten. An example would be hitting your opponent with your ult. jutsu or team ult. jutsu which would've ultimately won you the match.

3. The P****: this is the type of player that hides behind his support during the match not even attempting to fight but runs away until the support bar refills then once in support drive this player will just spam you with chakara shurikens to finally max the team gauge and use the team ult. jutsu this is a cheep strategy and it's really annoying

these are just some first types of players that I thought of if you have more feel free to comment or just give opinions if you agree with this

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