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I found a very sweet little tip for this achievement... Not sure if it's obvious and everyone already knows about it, but what I found out was that if you restart or quit level, you keep your Inner Board perks. They only go away when you finish a level and see your characters standing on the prize podium thing.

This means you can do some nice little things:
- Start over on the same level if you were just a few hundred coins short of the gold.
- Leave and play another level if you find that the level you're playing is too easy with the perks you have (so you can use the perks on a level tha tactually needs them).
- "Scout" levels to see how hard they are with various perks from Inner Board, without wasting the time. If you don't gold the level you're "scouting," just quit and do one you think you can do with the perks you have.

Originally Posted by erico360 View Post
all my dark albion medals look silver to me but still i've got the achievement
Good to know that they just fucked up the colors!
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