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Originally Posted by Arsenic 17 View Post
I think a better question is how the hell did you play 250 hours in this game in less than 2 months since its release? Did you spend all 250 hours with a repair torch equipped? Doubt it.

Also like it has been said this is very easy to do. And very helpful and your only option to fight a tank if your engineer is equipped with air missiles. Have done this countless times. Just have to have the balls to run up to a tank and go. People rarely jump out.
Trying to take a tank down with a repair torch before the latest patch was near impossible. The repair torch did too little to tanks armor but now that the repair torch has been buffed and the tanks nerfed it is a lot easier to do.

Also what game do you play that people never jump out of vehicles, it seems like the moment a vehicle is disabled people are jumping ship.

But I see that you only have two repair torch kills, so maybe before you say it is easy you should have a little more experience or know what your talking about.

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