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Originally Posted by Havince View Post
i also read the thread on the guy bitching this game and tho i agreed with some points he was mainly just lazy

i have atleast given it a go, but its just too poorly designed for me the quest maps terrible there are no indications where to go at all for things when you select them as current task

i love rpg's oblivion was great ans skyrim and even dragons age 1 and 2

and im getting dragons dogma on release date

just cant get into this at all

i have a signed copy from the developers hopefully can recoup as much of cost back as can
This is partially true but not completely. The main quests have markers where, or atleast near the update. The side quests like "the nekker contract" for example don't have markers but if you read the discription it tells you where to go. All you have to do is read a little and then explore the area.I also noticed once you get in the general area of an update the marker sometimes disappears, this just means you're there...look arround for the person you need.

From all the crap i've read about the map and quest tracking on this site i thought it would be near impossible to follow but i was wrong. It really isn't all that bad. The only major complaint i have is there is no way to tell if an update is above or below you sometimes. But again once you learn the area a bit even this comes a bit clearer.
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