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I know people are upset with the maps, but I think I see why CD Projekt Red decided to not give too detailed a map. Having played many an RPG over the years they have become much less about exploring the world and immersion and more: go here, kill that, speak to this person. Even worse, there are entire Wikias devoted to games now, even though I used them on occasion, I hate myself for it as having an exact location and walkthrough ruins the challenge of the game.

Having just a marker on occasion is all we need, you will most likely end up attempting to explore anyway so you'll eventually find what you are looking for. Make sure to pick up every quest you find and when you walk past doing other quests, you can kill two birds with one stone.

If you don't like it, thats fine, but I'm sure you can persevere a bit more if you try and look at it from a different viewpoint. This isn't a game that is meant to be methodical, or a walkthrough, but is trying to engage you in not just the story, but the world.

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