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Originally Posted by Suki View Post
I think the second chapter mining city is horribly designed, been there for a few hours now and just trying to get across the map to the first arm wrestle guy seems to be to me at least to be impossible, it is on so many levels and the icon doesnt show at what level he is on. i think if u are going to make a mining city like this then the map has to be very good and maybe a direction arrow or something to help which this has neither. Which doesnt mean more exploration it just makes for massive frustration as u cannot navigate to where u want to go which is a little bit of a game breaker for me. I do love the game and will stick with it but just drives me mad sometimes.
Yeah the start of chapter 2 was tough for navigation but it gets better as you learn the map. Also if you are trying to arm wrestle first don't. I tried this as well and the update was unreachable (atleast it seemed to be). I did the mining quest first with the dwarfs and after that quest they all went to the inn and i got all of them there, one after the other.

Hope this helps.
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