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You would have to admit though that it's a bit strange (to say the least) that dlc is announced before the game is even out.. Ever since this new 'Call Of Duty Generation' has infested xbox live companies have turned to more quick money methods rather than quality games and loyalty to their fans.

I've noticed many new changes to the video game world in the last year or so... like: these new 'online passes', announcing dlc before the game is out, that dlc then get's put onto the market place a week to month later after the game hits, what the hell is up with that? Let's not forget the awesome giving exclusive content away on the market place like preoder bonuses and limited edition content, what a slap in the face.. and now the 'unlocks' on discs. I myself am not completely affected negatively to the point to cry about it, but it sure as hell has been annoying.

Let me emphasize that this is my opinion and stating things from experience and observations IS completely what everyone is entitled to.... Personally I think (notice “I think”) that the whole unlocks on disc is a somewhat money scam. I first experienced this with Gears Of War 3, but it's probably happened before I just didn't notice/remember. My first reaction of the locked content on disc was; “hmm seems weird that 5 multiplayer maps would be 100 kbs”, after talking to my brother we determined that the content is already on disc your just getting a “key” to unlock it, what would be the reasoning for this? And why now? And why only the first dlc? With an example like Gears Of War they were already done with the first few dlcs (including the free one ) before the game released, and don't the season pass seem like a jolly great idea to make even more cash? yeah let's see.... a couple of lame weapon skins a little bit of a touch up on the colors of already released characters and then calling them “new costumes/skins” just because of ooh I don't know slightly bluer pants or a shade darker clothes and some of those characters were preorder bonuses and the whole thrash ball Cole special unlock was a huge disappointment.. and oh yeaah remakes of maps I bought on gears 1 and 2. Damn it must have taken epic forever to create huh?

The sad thing about so called dlc of this time, is the quality has gone down, you get more glitchy bugged filled dlc that's rushed, no patches to follow and it's overpriced.. You get what? a FRACTION compared to the game when you buy dlc, but yet you pay close to 10-25% of the original game price. I've never really had problems with dlc or pricing/paying and don't get me wrong I've brought 100's of dlcs, all because I have to get everything for games that I love-(which is most)

The worse part about it is I've been a loyal hardcore fan of many of my favorite game companies and series/franchises, some over 10 years now and it's sick to see some of them turn to the Activision way by beating the cash cow to the bone.
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