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So I have been trying this for a few hours using the Brock v Sanchez method but still to no avail.

I know its all about luck but can someone tell me if the elbow method is that you just spam a few elbows then back off and rinse and repeat.

I have knocked him out so many times with a straight knockout and even had the commentators say it was by counter hit but still nothing. This is the only one I really need to 1000g the game and I don't have a problem with waiting for the right KO for it to pop but I would like to know I am doing it right lol.

Also I find it a bit weird that the makers of the game can't 100% say what a flash KO is lol.

At one point I thought I had it when I knocked him clean out and thought it had popped, turned out to be one of my friends signing in. I just wish I had filmed my reaction from the "YES IT POPPED" to the "DAMN YOU FOR LOGGING ON RIGHT THEN!" reaction lol
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