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Haven't played in a while but I really would like to complete the co-op lantern runs and the dlc. Didn't buy the dlc yet because I have no partners that play but when I do I'll buy it for sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Still looking to get these done. The last fucks I was boosting with talked me into getting the dlc then flaked on me. I usually meet some cool people on here but every blue moon I come across greedy achievement hunters who just want their achievements and fuck everybody else. I'm sorry but there needs to be some kind of grading system for partners. Reputation means everything and if certain gamers are just on here to fulfill there secret agendas and not help others, then my next fellow gamer needs to know "watch out for this guy, might get his achievement & run" or "trustworthy gamer, asset to the xbox community". It might sound stupid but for those that have ever been shafted, I know you feel me.

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