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Originally Posted by Tizoxity View Post

Disco Trip Master 10
Complete any disco trip without retrying.

The easiest disco trip to do this on, is the first on the level The Fairy Council. The disco trip is the last part of the level where you appear to be riding a device that resembles a rocket along a pink track. All you need to do for this trophy is do not fall of the track. You will know when you do as you will lose a point and have to be picked up by Globox's helicopter. Simply time your jumps well and do not focus on going for any of the jewels. If you do happen to fail you do not need to replay the whole Chapter, just go to the start menu and select exit game and then yes when it warns you about progress being lost. Then load up your savegame and you will be back at the beginning of the disco trip and you will be eligable for the achievement again.

hi mate well done on the guide.

i found out that you do not need to exit game to main menu to get this achievement.

i did happen to fall off the track (i havent played this game this game since i completed it years ago so im gettin used to it again lol)
but i found out that if i did fall off the track i just loaded the game from the pause menu without going back to main menu (i have tested this method and it 100% worked for me).

i know its not much easier but it makes getting it a lot easier for people who do fall of the track so i thought i would mention it in case you wanted to update the guide/roadmap
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