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All 3 achievements on this table are pretty easy. First Ghost Sighting which is the hardest of the 3, get in to the mini game at the top of the table. ALWAYS hold the flippers in the mini game so the ball doesn't fly everywhere. Hit it early to get upstairs (avoiding the alien abduction route), making sure you have lit at least one light in the house for a ghost sighting, then flip the ball out to the balcony. Now hold the ball in the flipper there, release it and flick it up and slightly out to flip the ball on to the roof and banish the ghost.

The other 2 are very easy, lock 2 balls and then get in the cube thing, levitation multiball is the easiest to do I think. And to make that thing dizzy get both his eye balls in the sockets, then just shoot the right ramp.
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